My dissertation is coming out as a monograph (Adverbs Across Domains) later this year! What a great holiday gift for all your friends and family.


I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Haverford College, as well as a computational lexicographer for the NIH. My main interests are in adverbs, language in media, lexicography, and typology. If you have thoughts on any of these topics, feel free to send me an email!


  • Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Delaware (Feb. 2018)
    •       M.A. Linguistics, University of Delaware (Jan. 2013)
  • B.A. Linguistics, B.A. Mathematics, University of Southern California (2007-2011)


  • Current - Fall 2023:
    • LING 113 (Intro to Syntax), LING 281 (Semantics II), Haverford College
    • LING 399 (Senior Thesis Seminar), Bryn Mawr College
  • Previous courses taught:
    • Intro to Cognitive Science, Intro to Linguistics, Language and Gender, Intro to Syntax, Intro to Semantics, Semantics II, Discrete Mathematics, Senior Thesis Seminar
  • Previous courses TA'd:
    • Intro to Biological Anthropology, Intro to Anthropology of Health, Psycholinguistics